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Mick Larson completed the documentary "What Would Jesus Do On Election Day? in

September of 2020.  He served as executive producer, director, editor and director of photography.  In 2022, Mick started production on "America's AbortionFetish: Conservatives Need To Control Women & Uphold Patriarchy".  Mick is also currently developing a documentary series entitled "The United States of Denial"   Which examines the history of racism in the United States. 


Previously Mick served as executive producer and the director of photography

for the documentary series "Pretense: Myth, Meaning and Belief in America"


Mick's first foray into documentary film making involved the Intelligent Design movement

in his home state.  Which produced the trailer "Kansas v. Darwin"

Founder of Creative Communications, Inc & Midwest ENG.  Mick and his company have,

since 1991, provided production services for golf shows produced in Kansas City and around

the country for ESPN and The Golf Channel. His company has produced pre-game shows
for the Kansas City Royals’ broadcasts and video board production for the
Kansas City Royals, KC Blades, KC Comets, University of Kansas, and the City
of Kansas City, MO.  For the past ten years, Mick has specialized in ENG
production ( shooting pre and post-game interviews
for clients including the Brooklyn Nets, LA Dodgers, Fox Sports, ESPN, MLB,
Turner and CBS.


A native of Olathe, Kansas.  Mick graduated from the

University of Kansas in 1986 with a Bachelor of General Studies.  With an emphasis

in Radio, TV & Film.

About the Producer/Director
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