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What Would Jesus Do On Election Day?

Episode #1   The Teachings of Jesus.

Before wading into American politics, let's first look at Jesus's teachings.  And what those teachings currently mean in America.  Length 15:00

Episode #2   American Jesus & White Supremacy.

This episode looks at the confluence of the "American Jesus", slavery and white supremacy.  From before the American revolution through the civil rights movement of the 1960's.   Length 17:25

Episode #3   Conservative & Liberal Christians.

This episode examines the evolution of liberal and conservative Christians.  When & how that distinction developed.  Does the life of Jesus or the death of Jesus determine your spiritual and political views?  Today's science can even predict your political leanings.  Length 24:00

Episode #4   The Issues.

This episode examines the issues that separate conservative and liberal Christians.

Length 30:00

Episode #5   The Answer.

Authors, professors and theologians weigh in on the answer to the question this documentary asks.  What Would Jesus Do On Election Day?  Length 18:00

Episode #6   Ourselves & Others.

This episode examines why humans make people into "Others"  The psychological

reasons for tribes.  The value of being in a tribe.  Length 21:00

Episode #7   The Way Forward.

How do we move forward in the tribal & partisan environment?  A Christian Evangelical movement has risen.  "Vote Common Good"  Length 19:00

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